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10PCS The new bridge rectifier bridge pile flat bridge GBU806 8A / 600V current and voltage quality is good enough

Price: 3.6 USD

10PCS [ Original authentic] CD4082 CD4082BE DIP14 new spot

Price: 3.6 USD

10PCS TLP227 TLP227G SOP4 new original patch

Price: 3.5 USD

10PCS TLP627-2 SMD SOP-8

Price: 3.5 USD

10PCS New original authentic CD4098BE HCF4098BE HEF4098 DIP16 multi-frequency oscillator

Price: 3.84 USD

Free Delivery.CBB metallized polypropylene film capacitor 1000 V 100020.0022 UF 10 yuan

Price: 3 USD

10PCS New original authentic HEF40106BP HCF40106BE CD40106BE

Price: 3.9 USD

10PCS New UC2845 UC2845B UC2845BD1R2G SOP-8 SMD IC chip LCD power supply

Price: 3.7 USD

10PCS TLP350 SMD SOP-8 new original IC chip

Price: 3.5 USD

10PCS New BTA16 BTA16-800B O-220 800V / 16A / 1W triac

Price: 3.28 USD