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Xinjiang Hetian jade cloud road hand string natural jade chain beads bracelet

Price: 750 USD

Hetian jade titanium gold road male domineering thick Necklace hollow natural jade pendant chain

Price: 780 USD

Natural Green Hetian Jasper watch Pendant Carved Pendants Women or Men's Amulet Nephrite Jades Jewelry

Price: 500 USD

Natural Purple Charoite Crystal Woman Bangle AAAA Inner Diameter

Price: 800 USD

C134R Bold Jade Burma A goods jade ice species Buddha pendant Yuver buddha female style variety

Price: 786 USD

Natural authentic female 18k gold inlaid with hot white jade lime jade flowers and wealthy ring fresh fashion ring

Price: 780 USD

Yuribing species Jade Kwan-yin fluttering green Burma jade pendant pendant jade Kwan-Yin Pendant male section A cargo tape card

Price: 768 USD

free shipping gorgeous 10-11mm south sea round gold pearl earring yellow gold

Price: 829 USD

Free shipping Akoya 7.5-8.5mm circle light seawater pearl necklace

Price: 700 USD

free shipping Jewelry AAA perfect natural 10-11mm white south seas pearl necklace 14

Price: 780 USD